CF Video Poker is short for CamFiler Video Filer. Click here for terms of usage

Version History for Paid Version
  • Version 3.0: Initial paid version. Thanks to user feedbacks from trial version, we have updated the pay-out table, and added save functionality. Enjoy!
Version History for Trial Version
  • Version 1.2: Updated the pay-out table to with 9/6 Jacks or Better rule.
  • Version 1.1: Thanks to user feedbacks,  we have fixed some crashing bugs and speeded up the action, so grab it and enjoy!
  • Version 1.0: Initial release
Upgrade instruction

If you are viewing this page in the browser on an Android phone, c
lick the following link to go to view Receipt Filer in Market, and click "Install" or "Upgrade" button.
If you like to find the application manually:
  • Click on the home button on the phone to go to the home screen. For G1 Android phones, it should be on a physical button with a house label at the bottom of the device.
  • From the home screen of the phone, click on the tab with an arrow to slide it out. 
    • If you have docked the keyboard, the tab is on the bottom of the screen.
    • If you have slided out the keyboard, the tab is on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Find on the icon that says "Market". It looks like a shopping bag. Click on it. You have now entered the Android Market(TM) screen.
  • If you are installing for the first time:
    • here are two few ways to find Contact Photo Filer.
      • You can click on "Search" button, and type "CF Video Poker".
      • Or you can go to Games -> Cards & Casino -> "By popularity", and scroll down to "CF Video Poker"
    • Either way, look for the entry " Contact Photo Filer, CamFiler LLC" in the result. The icon looks like this:
    • Click on the entry and follow the instruction to install.
  • If you are upgrading the software:
    • Click on "My downloads"
    • Scroll to "Contact Photo Filer, CamFiler llc". It should say "Upgrade Available" if there is a new version.
    • Click on the entry
    • Click on "Update"
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